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The Great Directory

Bible Commentary on Psalm 91
A collection of commentaries, sermons and scripture versions on this famous passage from the Bible. Includes a summary of the psalm and information about it's use in the Jewish and Christian traditions.

Bible Verses About Love
A study guide to the various Greek words for 'love' that occur in the New Testament (for example, 'Agapē' and 'Storgê'). The site also features pages on biblical references to love for others, and appropriate scriptures for wedding ceremonies.

Bonpounou Gospel
The world's best christian website. Offers a variety of gospel songs, audio bible to nourish the soul. We provide english gospel music, spanish gospel music, french gospel music, haitian creole gospel music and much more. Get more like christian movies, gospel video, chat room, christian jokes, radio, audio, bible, gospel music and gospel music radio.

Clarion Voice
Hilliard has been an educator and lecturer for over 35 years within private institutions, colleges, conferences, and churches. He has a Masters Degree in History from the University of Southern California and teaches philosophy, ethics, theology, and contemporary political philosophy.In an anthropocentric world, Lawrence Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective.

Gospel Music
Website offers a variety of gospel songs to nourish the soul. You may listen to english gospel songs, spanish gospel songs, french gospel songs, african gospel songs, black gospel music kids gospel music and haitian gospel music. You may listen also to audio bible, christian music radio, message of God, Jesus songs.

Prayers for Strength
A variety of prayers concerning asking God for strength in challenging circumstances. For example, for endurance to cope with physical illness, or comfort in the loss of a loved one.

Wow Gospel Music and Audio Bibles
A christian website that is enjoyed by many individuals across the world. Offers a variety of gospel songs to nourish the soul. You may listen to english gospel music, french gospel music, spanish gospel music, african gospel music, kids gospel music, haitian gospel music, black gospel music. We provide audio bible in english, french, spanish, and haitian creole. Listen to the best christian radio. You may watch christian music videos and much more

Christian Websites Directory
A quality directory of websites with Christian content. submit your church or ministry website for free. All links must contain Christian content.

Everlasting Gospel
Dedicated to proclaim and uphold Christ, His salvation and defend the Christ centered biblical truths in these last days.

Gift Bibles Online
This site has a good selection of Bibles and Bible related books. If you're looking for Bibles for a man, woman, student, teen, child or bride or military man, you'll find something good here.